Sushi by Uzu

Chef Ryu Hirosoko was raised in his father’s Izakaya in Shinjuku where he helped in the kitchen from an early age. He came to the United States in 2014, and worked for the next five years at DC-area sushi restaurants. In 2019, he was hired as a lead chef at Sushi Nakazawa DC. Soon after, they were awarded a Michelin star and placed in the Washingtonian’s top three restaurants in DC. He was enjoying a successful tenure there when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. While in quarantine, he spent his days dreaming up new recipes when Chef Hiro from Ramen by Uzu invited him to join his team as lead chef in a new venture at Ghostline. He jumped at the chance to create his own sushi menu in a forward-thinking restaurant concept inspired by authentic Japanese flavors. This to-go sushi restaurant, Sushi by Uzu, will feature fresh nigiri and rolls packaged for carry out, delivery or dine-in. Chef Ryu is very excited to pioneer this endeavor with team Uzu!